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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a referral from my GP?

No you do not need a referral. Feel free to call us to discuss your communication concerns.

I have a Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan/ Team Care Arrangements plan and/or private health insurance cover for Speech Pathology, will there be a gap cost?

Typically there is a small gap amount that you will have to pay. Please call us to discuss the cost.

Do you assess clients for Assistive Technology, Communication devices and AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)?

Yes, The Ability Collective can assess and recommend appropriate communication devices and AAC for client. We also provide therapy for clients to learn how to use the AAC as well as education for communication partners. The Ability Collective assess and recommend assistive technology for all clients, especially clients with language disorders, reading disorders and writing disorders.

Do you provide services to NDIS /NDIA participants?

Yes we do provide services for all NDIS participants. Feel free to call us to discuss your communication goals.

Can I claim the cost of Speech Pathology services with my private health insurer?

Claiming the cost depends on the individual insurer and the level of cover that you have. Please contact your insurer.  The Ability Collective provides services to all private paying clients, please call us to discuss the fee structure.

Do you see clients in the community?

Yes we travel to see clients in their homes, at their preschools/ school and in the community (day programs, workplace etc). A fee for travel is applicable of travel is greater than five minutes from the clinic.

Do we have to see you in person?

You can choose to visit us in person or we do offer all services online. 

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